Archaeopteryx – the veterinary study association for birds and exotic animals!


About 25 years ago, Archaeopteryx was founded by a group of students who thought that the offer of study material within the Dutch study of Veterinary Medicine was not sufficient with regard to birds and exotic animals. More often, reptiles, birds, fish, rabbits and various rodents are kept as pets. Therefore, Archaeopteryx wants to provide information regarding these exotic animals to veterinary physicians, veterinary students and other interested parties. Also, the objective to expand the study material and to integrate the more exotic animals into the study plan remains, in order for the future veterinary physician to treat this animals in an adequate way.

The structure of the association is maintained by the six members of the board, all of which are students who take place in the board besides their Veterinary Medicine study. The positions of the board are chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer, editor and general board member.The editor takes care of our association’s magazine: the Archaeopteryx Veterinaris .

Workgroups and commissions
To assign the required knowledge of exotic animals to students and other interested parties, Archaeopteryx organizes readings, excursions, workshops and symposia. These are organized by five workgroups and a few commissions, in which every workgroupfocuses on a specific group of exotic animals, which are taken up in the Archaeopteryx logo, namely:

- Wildlife
- Terrarium animals
- Aquafauna
- Birds
- Rodents, rabbits and ferrets

These workgroups consist of ten active students, of which a board member functions as chairman of the workgroup.

Furthermore, Archaeopteryx is acquainted with four commissions:
- The Symposiumcommission organizes a large symposium once a year, which is always well attended by students.

- Every year, on the third Wednesday of October, the Infomarketcommission organizes an infomarket in the canteen of the main building of the Veterinary Medicine faculty. During this free event, associations and companies concerning birds and exotic animals are given the opportunity to inform students and other interested parties about their species of animals or products. There are usually a lot of different species of exotic animals present at the informarket, which attract a lot of attention among the students.

- The Excursioncommission takes care of the excursions to companies and associations concerning birds and exotic animals. This is usually within the Netherlands, but meanwhile two trips abroad have been organized, namely to Prague and Vienna.

- The Cashcommission supports and inspects the treasurer twice a year.

The commissions consist of active students, of which a board member functions as chairman of the commission.

Archaeopteryx Veterinaris
The Archaeopteryx Veterinaris is a magazine that is sent to our members five times a year. It contains semi-scientific articles concerning exotic animals, written by students, veterinary physicians and other interested parties about shelter, care, accommodation, pathology and other subjects in the field of birds and exotic animals. Also, this magazine contains reports of activities organized by the association.

More information
For more information, feel free to contact us.

Yalelaan 1
3584 CL Utrecht

Tel: 030 – 2537476 (accessible between 12.30h and 13.10h on weekdays)